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Jelly Roll is sitting on what could be the biggest song of his career after dropping “I Am Not Okay” on Wednesday, June 12. The country singer took to social media to thank his fans for their support.

“Thank you for making ‘I’m not ok’ the biggest release of my career,” he writes on social media.

Jelly Roll’s Song “I’m Not Okay” Resonates with Fans

The “Son of a Sinner” singer debuted his new track on the season 25 finale of The Voice. “I Am Not Okay” is the follow-up to Jelly Roll’s fifth No. 1 hit, “Halfway to Hell.” It wasn’t clear what his intentions for the song were are the time, but since its release fans have made it one of the biggest songs he’s ever put out, according to the singer.

“Thank you for releasing such a song,” one fan writes in the comments. Mental health isn’t talked about enough and when it is, it’s mostly negative. So again thank you for putting a song like this out.”

“You have touched many lives with this song so WE THANK YOU,” another shares.

Many of those who love the song have been sharing their stories relating to its lyrics. This is something Jelly Roll is becoming accustomed to. He says people are constantly telling him their stories which, in turn, inspired “I Am Not Okay.”

“Thank you so much for this song! I would say 98 percent of us including me go through this every day!” one of his followers writes on TikTok.

“We are not alone,” another states.

“I saw a comment that said Eminem got us through our childhood but Jelly Roll is getting us through adulthood,” a fan shares. “Keep writing and being the amazing human you are.”

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