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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Blasting operations have resumed this week at Nashville International Airport.

Through this Friday, June 21, these scheduled blasts will briefly stop traffic along Donelson Pike each afternoon at 1 p.m. The blasts are happening at six different “zones” around BNA, eventually allowing the airport to expand.  

Admittedly a disturbance to the public and the flow of traffic, one Metro councilman for the area is anxious to see construction, which is ahead of schedule, finally completed. 

“I’m trying to be optimistic that we’re close to the end of all this,” said Metro Councilman Russ Bradford on Monday. “They’re expected to be done a year ahead of schedule because of some of the incentives they’re willing to pay out to the construction (crews), so I’m just remaining hopeful that this is the last, final stretch of it.”

“The airports’ always kind of been symbiotic with the city (Donelson). As the city’s done well, the airport’s done well, so the growth we’re seeing at the airport right now is because of the last 10 years of growth for the city,” Bradford added. 

Bradford said the top two things Donelson has going on for it right now are its affordability and ,evidently, its location. 

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These blasts at BNA will continue for the rest of 2024. Metro’s Airport Authority told News 2 on Monday they are working to accelerate the relocation of Donelson Pike, which they said will reduce congestion around the airport. 

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